Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First Day

First day of the month and I am so super exited!!!!!
I will explain later this month as I can't Blow it.
I know the anticipation is killing you!

My days have been going super fast, I mean its February people!
I have something going on I swear every weekend of February.
So I was on a mission to find things for both of my god children's birthdays
for a roaring 20's Party I will be going to. Six stores later nothing! Well I did buy some nice shades but those aren't on my list but they DO look awesome. 

Then made my way home made myself something to eat & just made a cake. fewww. The easiest part of my day was making the cake. I know, I know, I said I wasn't going to bake. In my defence I didn't! The cake I had made Saturday the frosting was already made so I just assembled it all! Turned out Great! got this baby done in about 10 Minutes.
Happy February & Hump Day!

~Vv Gonz


  1. Wow! That cake looks awesome; so fancy!

  2. That cake is sooo pretty! I love to bake, but none of my stuff EVER looks like that, lol.


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