Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weekend wrap-up

Yes its Tuesday & yes I am barley talking about my weekend. I'm just recovering but yet can't wait for it to be this weekend. Super Baking Mode this weekend. 
On the Menu, Coconut Flan, Red Velvet Velvet Chocolate Cupcakes with a Whip Cream Frosting, Cookies for the SoCal Blogger event, pound cake & last but not least Mexican Hot Chocolate donuts with a Marshmallow topping. 
Fewww. No biggie. Ha! Desserts turned backwards to stressed. Not the baking part but the go to 5 stores to get what I need and then on top of that my kitchen was not available for about 2 hours when I thought it would be. Never the less the sugary yumm goodness of the end result was great. 
Saturday was Great to see and talk to some Friends from high school @ Olivia's Graduation party. The Food was too Yumm! Wish I could have gone out for a margarita after that but Back to baking I went. 

Sunday I was finally done with baking. Picked up the MF. He gave me the weirdest look. haaa my outfit I would assume, shorts romper with my like 4" booties I loved it! We went to our favorite Breakfast spot Judge for Yourself.  After being fatties we went for a Lil walk down town and back to his house. I immediately jumped into MF's bed where I stayed for pretty much the rest of my Sunday.

Giving myself and the Oven a rest till Thursday. My God Daughter has Requested a Rainbow Cupcake for her Birthday. So as the Great Nina that I am she is Getting that from me.
Happy Tuesday & Last day of the Month!
~Vv Gonz

*sad that I didn't take pictures of my cute Little Dessert table

Friday, January 27, 2012

Oven OverTime

So I have been on a baking roll. I am proud to say that I have baked everyday this week all but one day.  I can't say that for my blogging,Sadness! NeWays, Today and tomorrow will be the same. I have some wonderful things to Bake. 
Monday was a fab Pound cake! It was so Yummy by Tuesday it was gone! So Wednesday I made a Buttermilk Pound cake with Lemon Flakes that was Good. The First one was better though, says the ManFriend & Dad. I agree.

Yesterday I made my first batch of Red Velvet Cupcakes. I must say the Recipe was interesting and messy with the almost Gallon  so much Red Food Dye. I had to use my good gel dye because I didn't have the other grocery store kind. 
Note:The one thing I didn't know I needed to get. Hate when I'm missing something and the middle of baking and don't want to go to the store. 
 Lets just say my Red Velvets are more like pinkISH chocolate swirly velvets. That actually sounds better then the tops look. Never the less they taste great. I am waiting to get Manfriend's approval tonight, as it was to late for him to try last night. Frosted with Maybe some Chocolate Drizzle I think they will be Amazing.
The Baking Continues tonight & into Saturday. Hoping all goes smoothly with my cookies  everything!
Happy Friday & Weekend

with flour, chocolate & Sugar
~ V.v. Gonz

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pen Pal

I have a Pen Pal People!
Thanks to Amira Gray from Shades of Gray.
I got her info yesterday. I am super exited because 
who doesn't like getting fun stuff in the mail!
I already got my Mailing labels ready.

My new Pen Pal is  from Leaving My Mark
Just send out the First Letter out today

Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Spot

I am on a new Spot roll & love it!
Got ready Saturday  and went out for a walk on this windy morning. He "MF" wanted coffee. I was happy to go for a walk but lets just say I'm not the Happiest person when I haven't eaten. Luckily  The French Press had some Yummy danishes. I have always heard the MF talk & talk about this place but I had never gone. I decide on a Vanilla Latte & he got a Cappuccino. A first for both of us. I had always wanted to try fancy coffee with a awesome design on it. My first sip was " oh dam that shit is strong" with some added sugar in the raw ( more like 3) it was delicious, as so my danish. After lingering for a bit we headed out, all javad out, to enjoy our windy day.

Happy Sunday!

Dinner Date

I'm on a dinner date roll with the ManFriend. Friday night normally we take FOREVER to figure out what/ where to eat. We stepped outta the norm and into a place that we have never been too. SHOCKING surprisingly because I swear we have been to almost every restaurant in town. Ok maybe just most fancy sit down places in town, AnyWho we ended up going to Altamirano's. It was bigger then I thought. We sat in the back. I was in the mood for an alcoholic beverage and settled for a glass of Chardonnay. We got a free side of Guac (Guacamole that is ) devoured the chips as always. I ended up getting the alambres & ManFriend got I believe a shrimp Fajita. The food was Yummie and the Glass of wine was BIG. It was nice to go somewhere I had never Bin.

Salsa looked Deadly

My BIG $3 Glass of Wine

Oh and I got the Flan which was the bomb! It had coconut milk in it
The Bomb

*note I am in a food coma as write this.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dinner Date

Friday was full of a lot of running around and food. I was out at a decent time from work and was ready to have a nice dinner date with my ManFriend. After much discussion we ended up at Fresco's Cafe. I love how they have so many options on what to eat not to mentions the sweet sweet goodies. They where very distracting as I was trying to figure out what to have for dinner. I ended up chosing the SANTA BARBARA CHEESE STEAK with a Cesar salad. It was super Yumm I ate it all up. ManFriend was not to pleased with the size of his salad. So if you are a hungry Man don't get the salad.

for dessert with all the options I just wanted it all!!!!

I chose an Apple Pie   WARM Apple Pie with IceCream on top! Yummm!

I was bad and got a Cookie too and shoved that in my purse for later. I couldn't help it!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Favs

I am trying my very hardest to Blog every day. I didn't know what to write about today. I have been trying to order my God Daughters Birthday present and have been looking at my Favorite site PhotoJOJO!
I LOVE almost everything about this site! From the Sad Little cart that gets happy when you place something in it to the DO NOT PULL button that you just have to pull. Even when you order things there are just cute little touches. You must look out or check it out, super Fun! Here are some things I was looking at & ended up in My Cart

 The Lens Cap Strap Holder
The Shot Glass Lens Set

Easy Macro Cell Lens Band

I even had some questions because the Easy Macro Cell Lens Band is out of stock till February & they responded very quickly and where super nice about my order.

I highly recommend this site to any and all camera lovers and even those who are not, the site is super fun!
Happy Friday

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pinterest Wednesday

It should be more like Everyday I pin on Pinterest. Its super addicting! I just pin my life away & completely sucked in to it all! I figured with this new year I have to be more active then JUST Repining & ewe & ahhing over everyone else creations. I would consider myself a relatively creative person. 

So I AM going to go thew my boards and each week do at least one thing I have pinned just to say 
"I did it" VS  "I pinned it"
I figured baking or DIY board because those are my largest. 

 new york times best cookie recipe.
 picture via  
 Cinnabon-Style Gourmet Cinnamon Buns 
Picture via

Vanilla Bean Macarons with Raspberry Filling picture via 

   lace phone case picture  VIA

felt book mark picture via 

♥DIY "Laser Cut Cupcake Wraps"!!♥

Glitter Glam shoes bottoms pictures via
Also on my list is a buttermilk cake with a blueberry sauce. I couldn't get the picture to load.

So I will think about it & make something this week. Any input on what I would love to hear

I Just looked and I have almost 2000 pins!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday Cravings

Over the weekend WE ( the MF and I ) went to go see his mother. She had left over chocolate from the Holidays. Well someone gave her Fancy chocolate from my Fav spot and I got to try a new flavor. I didn't want to be a hog I totally wanted to eat the whole box! Since then I have been wanting to go to the Shop and pick some up for myself. So today I walked over on a break to Chocolats du CaliBressan and got Myself & the Manfriend a baggie of chocolate decadents! They are Beyond phenomenal! Definitely going to have to get some for Love Day~

Friday, January 6, 2012

Drunkin Dessert Yumminess

Once work was over (at least for the year). I had a little over a week off. I knew one of the things I wanted to do was bake. I felt totally horrible that I hadn't done so. It was about to be The ManFriends Birthday so I figured I would make him his favorite cupcake "The Irish Car Boom". It's a chocolate Guinness cake with a whiskey chocolate ganache filling and a Baileys whip cream top. YUM! I figured since I was already making grown up cupcakes I would dare to make another. I got the idea on Instagram. Which by the way I am addicted to among other apps. Since the ManFriend likes Hennessy I figured I would try making a Henny & Coke cupcake (like the Drink). So I scoured the Internet & Pinterest and found some recipes that I could base my cupcakes on and add my own ingredients to substitute with and hope all goes well.  

First up the "The Irish Car Boom" I used Extra dark coco. The batter looked too amazing I couldn't believe it. 
Next up was the " Henny & Coke cupcake" base. As you can see looks different in color

Worked on the fillings, glazes, frosting's and drizzles

Packed them ALL up! 

I was totally happy with the end results. I believe that the boys where too as we took the cupcakes to Dargens and they where all gone by the end of the night. Even our favorite bartender had one & loved it. It was a very Happy Early Birthday to the ManFriend.