Friday, January 6, 2012

Drunkin Dessert Yumminess

Once work was over (at least for the year). I had a little over a week off. I knew one of the things I wanted to do was bake. I felt totally horrible that I hadn't done so. It was about to be The ManFriends Birthday so I figured I would make him his favorite cupcake "The Irish Car Boom". It's a chocolate Guinness cake with a whiskey chocolate ganache filling and a Baileys whip cream top. YUM! I figured since I was already making grown up cupcakes I would dare to make another. I got the idea on Instagram. Which by the way I am addicted to among other apps. Since the ManFriend likes Hennessy I figured I would try making a Henny & Coke cupcake (like the Drink). So I scoured the Internet & Pinterest and found some recipes that I could base my cupcakes on and add my own ingredients to substitute with and hope all goes well.  

First up the "The Irish Car Boom" I used Extra dark coco. The batter looked too amazing I couldn't believe it. 
Next up was the " Henny & Coke cupcake" base. As you can see looks different in color

Worked on the fillings, glazes, frosting's and drizzles

Packed them ALL up! 

I was totally happy with the end results. I believe that the boys where too as we took the cupcakes to Dargens and they where all gone by the end of the night. Even our favorite bartender had one & loved it. It was a very Happy Early Birthday to the ManFriend. 


  1. you really took them to the bar!? how funny. and they look qute delicious! P.S. here's the link for the meet-up:

    you know you can come stay with me...

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