Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Do

Summer Time, Summer Time, Well almost. Its time for a change. I have decided to do something different to my hair. I normally just stay black or add a streak here or there. So this will be a big change for me at least & I'm exited! 
Wish me luck as I will be a 4 hour or more process. Yes I'm going to live there for half a day. I mean check out how much I got. 
Cant wait to post pics of my new do!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

California Adventure Review

I have never been there and because I had to chose to go to either park thought why not! 5 minutes in the “park” or what they call the park which is really just a boarded up walk way with nothing fancy NOTHING to see I started to kind of regret it. We made our way to the back of the park. Saw the roller coaster with the loop and a switch turned on "go time". Got in the line. Once we where on it I started to wonder if that was such a great idea more so because we woke up hung over, dehydrated, just ate. I managed to have a good time on it. After that we where on every ride got every fast pass and I think circled the park 4 times. We went on every ride (other then the toy story ride sadness) To sum the day Up I loved it! I would wait till they open up more of the park as they are still working on it. I love the fact that you can do the whole park and even more then once, not too crowded, you can consume alcohol. After all the park fun we decided to do a nice dinner at Down Town Disney @ the Rainforest cafe. We lucked out, Party for 2 No wait,  party for more 2-hour wait. Got to love that! It was fun in there and the Drink, the Drink was the

Dipped by Buzz!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Awesome weekends

I haven't bloged about my weekend (at all for that matter) & they have been so awesome and jammed packed with stuff. That may be why, on Monday I am so tired from my weekend of that I just am too tired to write. So lets catch  you guys up. 

Couple of weeks ago my MF took me for a long weekend of the happiest place on earth. DISNEYLAND! I drove down there mid day Friday. We planned to stay the weekend up there. I made him asked him to take me Crums its a cupcake store in Calabasas, It was beyond fancy around there. It just looked like Money. I was as happy and can be, as the MF bought me 4 cupcakes. They fanc-a-ly packed them in a huge bag & with a smile in my heart we where on our way to the hotel.  My sugar levels where low so we decided to take a bite of one of the Massive cupcakes, Red Velvet it was! It was awesome! All cake with just the rite amount of frosting. After dosing off for a bit we drove to the OC and meet up with MF's Cousin for dinner. Dinner was great. I think more so because I was Starving! It was good though. Then we ended our night at The Goat. I was curious to see what this place with like 100 beers on tap, peanuts all over the floor and blasting some DJ quick was all about. I LOVED IT!  I think it was mostly because of the music variety that had me guessing and reminiscing about my Jr high days. A great end to a great day!