Thursday, October 25, 2012

Marathon Dad

As you may or may not know my dad runs marathons. For as long as I can remember he just runs. Mind you he is a Finish carpenter and his work is very physical, outside in the sun. So naturally to unwind he take a 7-8mile run. He is supernatural I know! One of his Goals as a runner was to run a Marathon. So after many years we signed him up for one in 2002. Now 3 LA Marathons, 4 Santa Barbara Marathons under his belt he set his eyes on a Different Marathon. A 1/2 Marathon, no big deal rite???!?!? Yeah all up hill in Our home town.  

This was the Description:

The Santa Barbara Pier to Peak. This is a half Marathon 13.1 miles starting at the Santa Barbara Pier and ending  at La Cumbre Peak. All up Hill! Often called "the world's toughest half marathon," this is a race that will test even the most experienced runners and demands plenty of high-elevation and hills training. 

After reading this I was worried. Dad had been working long hours,was stressed out & had not trained as much as he had liked.  
Marathon day came. I rolled out of bed, got dressed and we where off to followed the Marathon. Every Turn we took I was " where do they go from here, they cant run any higher"  the car would turn and you saw runners above you like lil ants. It was mind blowing.
On a side note: Another Mind blowing site was this rocker chick that was running with full done make up. I was amazed, how was it staying put??? and more importantly where can I get me some of that! 

Daddy finished the race with great time! and consider this people. We had to walk up this hill to meet him at the finish line my caves where aching!!!!! How can I feel sorry for myself when My dad just ran  up hill for 13.1 miles?!?!?!? Daddy you are truly amazing!

Down  by the water is where he started!
These girls had awesome signs!