Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weekend wrap-up PT 2

It couldn't have been a more perfect Sunday. Cloudy, Rainy, Great for snuggling & watch a move and stay in bed all day weather. I could do none of that! I was up early last minute shopping and gathering everything for the surprise bridal/ baby shower that I was apart of planning. 3 trip to my BFF's house of unloading. Everyone was on time to surprise her, Except her! She was lagging it and all of us where dying because it was soo hot. We had the windows closed because a room full of girls = crazy Load. She finally showed up and was shocked to see us all there. I think she was more exited to eat though because she after all is Preggers. Games where a blast! OMG!!!! & the Penis Ring toss was Insane. YES I said Penis ring toss! I opened the box and expected it to be like cardboard or something. oh no, it was not! It straight looked like the real thing. Suppperrrr Rated X for the Mother of the Bride. So we played it super quick. It was soooo much harder then we thought, there was bending over involved and the strap was chocking the girls. It was great! I think more so because I didn't have one of them on my head. It was a great Lil gathering & the Bride was very pleased. My weekend left me with Great memories.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend wrap-up PT 1

I had another Jam packed weekend & let me just say I'm EXHAUSTED! Im making this a two parter just because well I am still Pooped.

My Saturday up at the crack of dawn 6 or may have been 7. That was just too early for me. Got dressed and we where off to my Man Friend's Mom's house for breakfast. I was super exited about being feed. I even told the man fiend the day before that I couldn't wait. (I'm such a fatty) after stuffing my face with food we where on our way to La for the Clipper game. After going around in circles a couple of times we parked and walked over to Staples. To my Man Friend luck they made him go back to his car to drop off his attached Flash. SUCKS! sorry MF. I was a bad GF and stayed inside looking for my seat. Game was great it was packed with fouls, bad calls, horrible free throws & some awesome dunks. Man Friend was very happy as "His Team" the Clippers won by like 20. Starving I was ready to stuff my face just about anywhere. We ended up in Korea Town. IT WAS AWESOME! It looked super cute there where sooooo many shops I was ready to blow some $. I quickly bought a scarf that I was looking at online for $10!!!! gotta love LA. MF's Cousin lives in LA and took us to some Karena BBQ. It was super yummy, cheep and I was beyond stuffed. I was sad to be soo stuffed because I wanted to go to some of the Bakery's I saw. We didn't get back home till about 8. I was beyond tired. I was ready to crawl into bed. but nooooo I couldn't. I blow off baking on Friday thinking I could do it Sat. ahhhhhhhh. I went to the store to grab some Ingredients and went home to bake. I was sooo tired that I didn't even care to take off my Booties heals. Yes I got skills like that & can bake in heals.  I finished & was in bed by like 11? not too bad but ahhhh I had to be up bright & early For Sundays Festivities. Hope you had a Great Monday

P.S ~ I'm alone all week at work in the office sadness!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blood Orange Tart

I haven't baked in a long time so last Thursday I got the Itch, the Itch to bake.
I had some Blood Oranges and I recipe that I wanted to try out and I finally got all the ingredients to do so. Let me just say that me and pie crust have a love hate relationship. I love to eat it but its always a disaster making it. The baking started off ruff because I couldn't find all my gadgets to make this tart happen. Finally I pulled it together and about what felt like 8hrs my tart was done and ready to sit in the fridge over night. Bummer all that slaving away and had to wait till the next night to eat it. Well let me just say it was worth the wait and the 3 slices I had. The custard was soooo decadent! I fell in love. I learned a lot for the next time I make it. I am also trying to find out what else I can make with this custard because it was just so grand! Happy Tuesday everyone!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Food Coma

I would like to share that I am currently in bed and in a  Massive food coma due to my Delicious blood orange tart. Pictures of this tart will be up soon, once I am out of my coma
~ Love Vanessa

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Heart Esty!

Since the moment I discover it I fell in love with Esty!
Love that its homemade & that it has that personalized touch.
I recently bought some Items & I wanted to share with you guys.
A friend of mine is getting Married and I think that this is a great gift for a Bride you know.
Just make sure you order it in enough time for them to make & ship I ordered from HangerDesignCenter   $14.99

 If you are not pressed on time order from 

grinsngiggles12  $6.95  great sale price!!!!

Its also going to be my Niece's Baptism soon. So I figured I could get her some cute booties for the Winter. I ordered these threw TheBabyBellaBoutique

I will show them Both off when I get them in!
Love esty! If you want something a tad bit different most shops will work with you because its almost all made to order or custom made.
Happy Shopping! 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Girls Night!!!

Friday was Girl's night with my two fav girls, MY BFF's Abby & Netty. We had some Top secret planning, not to mention we had to catch up with Each other and Dust a bottle of Wine.  It was such a great time! Its Never a dull moment with those girls. We had a pop quiz on who could answer 20 questions correctly about each other. Abby & I did great. Netty I believe that had one too many glasses of wine. The night was great. I can't wait for our Next girls night out on Saturday. We are going out on the Town, Down town Bar hopping that is!

* note this is not us. I believe I found this on pinterest but I cant recall

My goal is to take a picture like this 
Happy Monday!