Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend wrap-up PT 1

I had another Jam packed weekend & let me just say I'm EXHAUSTED! Im making this a two parter just because well I am still Pooped.

My Saturday up at the crack of dawn 6 or may have been 7. That was just too early for me. Got dressed and we where off to my Man Friend's Mom's house for breakfast. I was super exited about being feed. I even told the man fiend the day before that I couldn't wait. (I'm such a fatty) after stuffing my face with food we where on our way to La for the Clipper game. After going around in circles a couple of times we parked and walked over to Staples. To my Man Friend luck they made him go back to his car to drop off his attached Flash. SUCKS! sorry MF. I was a bad GF and stayed inside looking for my seat. Game was great it was packed with fouls, bad calls, horrible free throws & some awesome dunks. Man Friend was very happy as "His Team" the Clippers won by like 20. Starving I was ready to stuff my face just about anywhere. We ended up in Korea Town. IT WAS AWESOME! It looked super cute there where sooooo many shops I was ready to blow some $. I quickly bought a scarf that I was looking at online for $10!!!! gotta love LA. MF's Cousin lives in LA and took us to some Karena BBQ. It was super yummy, cheep and I was beyond stuffed. I was sad to be soo stuffed because I wanted to go to some of the Bakery's I saw. We didn't get back home till about 8. I was beyond tired. I was ready to crawl into bed. but nooooo I couldn't. I blow off baking on Friday thinking I could do it Sat. ahhhhhhhh. I went to the store to grab some Ingredients and went home to bake. I was sooo tired that I didn't even care to take off my Booties heals. Yes I got skills like that & can bake in heals.  I finished & was in bed by like 11? not too bad but ahhhh I had to be up bright & early For Sundays Festivities. Hope you had a Great Monday

P.S ~ I'm alone all week at work in the office sadness!

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