Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weekend wrap-up PT 2

It couldn't have been a more perfect Sunday. Cloudy, Rainy, Great for snuggling & watch a move and stay in bed all day weather. I could do none of that! I was up early last minute shopping and gathering everything for the surprise bridal/ baby shower that I was apart of planning. 3 trip to my BFF's house of unloading. Everyone was on time to surprise her, Except her! She was lagging it and all of us where dying because it was soo hot. We had the windows closed because a room full of girls = crazy Load. She finally showed up and was shocked to see us all there. I think she was more exited to eat though because she after all is Preggers. Games where a blast! OMG!!!! & the Penis Ring toss was Insane. YES I said Penis ring toss! I opened the box and expected it to be like cardboard or something. oh no, it was not! It straight looked like the real thing. Suppperrrr Rated X for the Mother of the Bride. So we played it super quick. It was soooo much harder then we thought, there was bending over involved and the strap was chocking the girls. It was great! I think more so because I didn't have one of them on my head. It was a great Lil gathering & the Bride was very pleased. My weekend left me with Great memories.

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