Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Running Carer

So lately I have been trying to work on my fitness. I'm trying to loose couple of Lb's. Nothing major just summer ready. One of my girls is having a party and I got this great dress that I'm TRYING to looking better in. So I have joined the MF running. Ok I have not run in a LONG long time. He takes me on a 2 mile run for my first run. I'm just getting my feet wet with this running thing so of course I died. I was walking like an old woman the next day. I have since then ran here and there & can now run 3 miles without stopping and am fine the next day. 

So yesterday was a gorgeous day. I went home did a quick wardrobe change and parked on the beach. I don't know how many  miles I was going to run I figured that I would run as far as I could for 25 mins & then head back. I look at my clock and  15 mins into it I was dying. Great!!! So I pushed on. Once I was warmed up I was good. I hit the duck pond and headed back to my car. It started to get cold as the sun was on its way down so I was determined to get to my car before it went all the way down. & I did! I ran for about 55mins. I still didn't know how many miles I had run. As I was driving home I got like brain freeze but hot! So Hot brain? Ahhhhh it hurt so bad but just for a bit I think it was all the blood rushing everywhere from running. Cooling off at home I mapped out my run and it was 2.4 miles. So double that 4.8 miles. I was shocked. As I was getting ready to eat dinner I started to hobbled. My ankle was killing me I couldn't put all my weight on it. I figured some stretching, Advil and some sleep I would be good to go in the AM. Nope I'm still hobbling around. Can it really be that my Running carer be over before I even started?! Sadness. 

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  1. I'm using the Ease into 5K app to get my butt on track with running... and so I dont overdo it and hurt myself. Ice your ankle!! you can get through it!


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