Thursday, June 28, 2012


Last week I flaked and I can't belive that it's Thursday, again. So I must share What brought me happiness this week.... the last two weeks.

*Taking my mother to breakfast to get her pancakes that she was craving and spending the whole day with her.

*Seeing my grandmother and the twinkle in her eyes

*Having an amazing father's day at Lure

*Finally getting my afternoon beach walk

*Going to a wonderful Wedding anniversary party  

*Going to IMATS 2012 (full post on that later)

* Having an extra day off and getting a Pedi

Mrs Stephanie T

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day Love

Father's Day was Great! 
It started a little shaky. Lack of communication in my part....OOoops. I was leaving & would meet them at my grandmis not at the house (a 40min drive). So the MF & I are already there getting gas and they hadn't left yet. To waste some time we headed to Target. After buying things that I wanted needed, we headed to see my Grandmi and meet up with the parentals and Brother. It was was nice to see her. She looked good and was sooooo happy to see my brother!! Gosh whatever! I'm her fav too but I guess she really missed him. After some family bonding and pictures we headed to my new Fav spot Lure. We just beat the crowd of hungry Dads and Grads. I ordered the Ahi ceviche again to share and some Red clam chowder. We all pigged out on our main dishes. Everything was delicious. We even made some room for Dessert a Key lime pie.

 My Fish & Chips. The Coleslaw was the I'm a Coleslaw freak!

 My daddy was very Happy! Obviously he spent time with his Fav Daughter EVER!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


This is my first week doing this link up. Its always seamed like a great concept to be a part of and for some reason it was calling me today!

What brought me happiness this week..

*My new Cat eye sunglasses

* Date night with the ManFriend that turned into a going away party, bar hoping & a pit stop for pictures in a photo booth kind of night

*Going to see my god daughters soccer game, bring her team cupcakes & her saying "You are the best too!" heart melted

*Getting free gift cards in the mail from my bank.

*Witnessing my grandpe call my mother and wish her a happy birthday a whole month early.

*Making plans for father's day at my new favorite place Lure fish house

*My heart being full of excitement as I await to have dinner with my ManFriend's Grandmother & his family today

Mrs Stephanie T

Monday, June 11, 2012


I'm so in love with my hair stylist she is the best! I must admit that I don't see her every 6 weeks but she definitely has the magic touch & has made my hair grow faster with her hair cut skills.  Other then her being amazing I am completely in love with the Salon that she is at, it just seams so fancy and modern. If you ever need a great styles please see Crystal Cooper at Legends let her know Vanessa set you ~

That's  my girl hard at work!


9 East Calle Laureles
Santa Barbara, Ca 93105

(805) 687- 4411

Thursday, June 7, 2012


I feel as if I have eaten at every restaurant possible in Santa Barbara so it was time to head to another town for some more good eats. On a trip to see the MF's mom she invited us to lunch, a seafood spot in Camarillo Lure. My MF is the biggest sea food fan & a Ceviche whore to say the least. As we walked in I was blown away to be walking in to such a Fancy establishment. I pictured the place a lot different in my mind. The food was AmazBalls. Ahi ceviche to start. I got the Ahi special with a Parmesan Potato Cake and the MF got Fish tacos I can't recall what kind.  The waiters are soo cute, the portion size were very generous, pricing was very good. I can't stop thinking of this place. I have to go back! I highly recommend it if you are into seafood!

~They also have a Oyster bar in case you are into that type of thing