Thursday, June 7, 2012


I feel as if I have eaten at every restaurant possible in Santa Barbara so it was time to head to another town for some more good eats. On a trip to see the MF's mom she invited us to lunch, a seafood spot in Camarillo Lure. My MF is the biggest sea food fan & a Ceviche whore to say the least. As we walked in I was blown away to be walking in to such a Fancy establishment. I pictured the place a lot different in my mind. The food was AmazBalls. Ahi ceviche to start. I got the Ahi special with a Parmesan Potato Cake and the MF got Fish tacos I can't recall what kind.  The waiters are soo cute, the portion size were very generous, pricing was very good. I can't stop thinking of this place. I have to go back! I highly recommend it if you are into seafood!

~They also have a Oyster bar in case you are into that type of thing


  1. that ceviche looks ridiculously amazing! i've never heard of that place... gonna have to make a stop there the next time i'm on my way back from SB.

  2. wow wow wow! the food looks completely amazeballs! I love the name, "Lure." Very cute:-) xoxo


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