Thursday, June 14, 2012


This is my first week doing this link up. Its always seamed like a great concept to be a part of and for some reason it was calling me today!

What brought me happiness this week..

*My new Cat eye sunglasses

* Date night with the ManFriend that turned into a going away party, bar hoping & a pit stop for pictures in a photo booth kind of night

*Going to see my god daughters soccer game, bring her team cupcakes & her saying "You are the best too!" heart melted

*Getting free gift cards in the mail from my bank.

*Witnessing my grandpe call my mother and wish her a happy birthday a whole month early.

*Making plans for father's day at my new favorite place Lure fish house

*My heart being full of excitement as I await to have dinner with my ManFriend's Grandmother & his family today

Mrs Stephanie T

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  1. LOVE the glasses. Your night sounded awesome, and I hope you have a great weekend with your fam!


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