Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day Love

Father's Day was Great! 
It started a little shaky. Lack of communication in my part....OOoops. I was leaving & would meet them at my grandmis not at the house (a 40min drive). So the MF & I are already there getting gas and they hadn't left yet. To waste some time we headed to Target. After buying things that I wanted needed, we headed to see my Grandmi and meet up with the parentals and Brother. It was was nice to see her. She looked good and was sooooo happy to see my brother!! Gosh whatever! I'm her fav too but I guess she really missed him. After some family bonding and pictures we headed to my new Fav spot Lure. We just beat the crowd of hungry Dads and Grads. I ordered the Ahi ceviche again to share and some Red clam chowder. We all pigged out on our main dishes. Everything was delicious. We even made some room for Dessert a Key lime pie.

 My Fish & Chips. The Coleslaw was the Bomb.com. I'm a Coleslaw freak!

 My daddy was very Happy! Obviously he spent time with his Fav Daughter EVER!

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  1. So cute! it was nice running in to you. The restaurant Lure sounds good. love the your fish tail


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