Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Awesome weekends

I haven't bloged about my weekend (at all for that matter) & they have been so awesome and jammed packed with stuff. That may be why, on Monday I am so tired from my weekend of that I just am too tired to write. So lets catch  you guys up. 

Couple of weeks ago my MF took me for a long weekend of the happiest place on earth. DISNEYLAND! I drove down there mid day Friday. We planned to stay the weekend up there. I made him asked him to take me Crums its a cupcake store in Calabasas, It was beyond fancy around there. It just looked like Money. I was as happy and can be, as the MF bought me 4 cupcakes. They fanc-a-ly packed them in a huge bag & with a smile in my heart we where on our way to the hotel.  My sugar levels where low so we decided to take a bite of one of the Massive cupcakes, Red Velvet it was! It was awesome! All cake with just the rite amount of frosting. After dosing off for a bit we drove to the OC and meet up with MF's Cousin for dinner. Dinner was great. I think more so because I was Starving! It was good though. Then we ended our night at The Goat. I was curious to see what this place with like 100 beers on tap, peanuts all over the floor and blasting some DJ quick was all about. I LOVED IT!  I think it was mostly because of the music variety that had me guessing and reminiscing about my Jr high days. A great end to a great day!

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  1. ahhhh you went to RA. i LOVE that place. they have a great happy hour sushi in the late night. :)


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