Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dinner Date

Friday was full of a lot of running around and food. I was out at a decent time from work and was ready to have a nice dinner date with my ManFriend. After much discussion we ended up at Fresco's Cafe. I love how they have so many options on what to eat not to mentions the sweet sweet goodies. They where very distracting as I was trying to figure out what to have for dinner. I ended up chosing the SANTA BARBARA CHEESE STEAK with a Cesar salad. It was super Yumm I ate it all up. ManFriend was not to pleased with the size of his salad. So if you are a hungry Man don't get the salad.

for dessert with all the options I just wanted it all!!!!

I chose an Apple Pie   WARM Apple Pie with IceCream on top! Yummm!

I was bad and got a Cookie too and shoved that in my purse for later. I couldn't help it!


  1. I miss Fresco's! well mainly all the goodies!

  2. I know rite? I am dying to try there short cake Cupcake! That is Next on my list of things to do :)


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