Friday, January 27, 2012

Oven OverTime

So I have been on a baking roll. I am proud to say that I have baked everyday this week all but one day.  I can't say that for my blogging,Sadness! NeWays, Today and tomorrow will be the same. I have some wonderful things to Bake. 
Monday was a fab Pound cake! It was so Yummy by Tuesday it was gone! So Wednesday I made a Buttermilk Pound cake with Lemon Flakes that was Good. The First one was better though, says the ManFriend & Dad. I agree.

Yesterday I made my first batch of Red Velvet Cupcakes. I must say the Recipe was interesting and messy with the almost Gallon  so much Red Food Dye. I had to use my good gel dye because I didn't have the other grocery store kind. 
Note:The one thing I didn't know I needed to get. Hate when I'm missing something and the middle of baking and don't want to go to the store. 
 Lets just say my Red Velvets are more like pinkISH chocolate swirly velvets. That actually sounds better then the tops look. Never the less they taste great. I am waiting to get Manfriend's approval tonight, as it was to late for him to try last night. Frosted with Maybe some Chocolate Drizzle I think they will be Amazing.
The Baking Continues tonight & into Saturday. Hoping all goes smoothly with my cookies  everything!
Happy Friday & Weekend

with flour, chocolate & Sugar
~ V.v. Gonz


  1. Red Velvet is my fav! I'm sure yours will be delicious:)

  2. I wish I took pictures of the donuts before we devoured them! I hope you did!!!


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