Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weekend wrap-up

Yes its Tuesday & yes I am barley talking about my weekend. I'm just recovering but yet can't wait for it to be this weekend. Super Baking Mode this weekend. 
On the Menu, Coconut Flan, Red Velvet Velvet Chocolate Cupcakes with a Whip Cream Frosting, Cookies for the SoCal Blogger event, pound cake & last but not least Mexican Hot Chocolate donuts with a Marshmallow topping. 
Fewww. No biggie. Ha! Desserts turned backwards to stressed. Not the baking part but the go to 5 stores to get what I need and then on top of that my kitchen was not available for about 2 hours when I thought it would be. Never the less the sugary yumm goodness of the end result was great. 
Saturday was Great to see and talk to some Friends from high school @ Olivia's Graduation party. The Food was too Yumm! Wish I could have gone out for a margarita after that but Back to baking I went. 

Sunday I was finally done with baking. Picked up the MF. He gave me the weirdest look. haaa my outfit I would assume, shorts romper with my like 4" booties I loved it! We went to our favorite Breakfast spot Judge for Yourself.  After being fatties we went for a Lil walk down town and back to his house. I immediately jumped into MF's bed where I stayed for pretty much the rest of my Sunday.

Giving myself and the Oven a rest till Thursday. My God Daughter has Requested a Rainbow Cupcake for her Birthday. So as the Great Nina that I am she is Getting that from me.
Happy Tuesday & Last day of the Month!
~Vv Gonz

*sad that I didn't take pictures of my cute Little Dessert table


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