Wednesday, February 8, 2012


AHHHHHHH!!!!! Can you tell I am exited? Ok so here is the deal, ever since I saw THE BIRCHBOX on Mish Lovin' Life I have been gagga over the idea of getting this box with goodies every month!
 I went stright to the site to place my order. Just my luck, they are sold out. (super sad face)

I put myself on the waiting list & have been stocking the website ever since thinking that it would magically have more in.  I literally did this like for 2/3 weeks but it seamed like a year. Well Monday I swear I squealed in the office with excitement as I got an email!

 I was all over it. 2 minutes later I was subscribed and ready! Wahooo I can't wait to get my First Box!


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