Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend wrap-up

My weekend was full of the things I love.

Dinner with my ManFrined on friday. I was so hungry and my tempura Veg & Shrimp looks super Delish. I couldn't help but put the scorching hot tempora in my mouth and devour it. Bad Idea I literally burned the bottom linning of my mouth OUCH!

Saturday was Dress up day for me & I love it! I think its my favorite to get dressed up. My Friend had a 20's party. I got my dress, fake fur, Pearls, gloves! I was ready. I hid half of my rapunzel hair and curled and pinned up my hair. I think I used like 100 pins! 
I caked my face 1020's style.
 I was ready for the night!

Had a great time. I will say however, that I have officially given myself a one shot max a Night. Dam you Tron. Ahhhh

Waking up Sunday looking & feeling like death. I moped around all morning. My mood quickly changed as I got a message from My fav Cuz. I was going to see ALL OF MY KIDS! *Note I do not have kids of my own But I have lil Cousins and niece/Nephews that totally have my heart. They made my day & Made my HEART MELT!!!!

Looking @ the Pictures make my heart melt again
XxXx ~ Vv Gonz

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  1. You looked so pretty!! Your outfit was perfect for that party:)


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