Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend wrap-up

My weekend was awesome! I don't even know what to start with. Let me just go in order. Friday Date night the MF & I went to Dinner. He has been wanting to go to have Thai food,  I was not down! I am horrible when it comes to spice. After looking over the menu I made some safe choices that I was exited for. 
TAP was great!

 I loved all of my choices 
MF's Drunken Noodles

& the MF loved the Wonton fried banana's with Coconut Ice cream! HEAVEN!

Saturday I was up bright and early to take my goddaughter to breakfast. I figured since she turned 21 that she should start and end her day at a bar. Call me a weirdo but I love the breakfast at this Bar. $5 for 2 egg, 2 pancakes, home fries, bacon and all you can drink Mimosas for 1HR!!!! 

She had Fun. 3 mimosas later and a drive to do some last minute Birthday musts & she was back home taking a nap! Haaaa she needed her rest? 
Went home made a giant cupcake rainbow cupcake at my goddaughters request. Made some 21st birthday inspired flower vases.   

After my Godmother~E duties it was time to get dolled up. Caked my face & got my hair did I was ready! 

One of My BFF's AbbyCakes came by we had some PreMargaritas & got Chauffeured downtown. 
My GodDaughter

Goddaughter tallied all her drinks all night (my idea)

I loved the turnout of family & friends. Even my Parents came out!  We called it a night before last call. XOXO to everyone, MF gave me his Sweater and we where off, on the walked home.

Sunday. Scared to wake up to see what My old body was going to tell me with the long night out. I was ok. fewww. Got ready & we MF&I were off to see his mom. 

Did a Lil Target shopping. 

Lunch was super yum! Hook Burger, massive burgers & Yummy sides. Stuffed and tired we hung out for a bit then came back home. I spend the rest of my Sunday in bed. Lazy me

*Downer side of my weekend. I didn't get to go to the Socal Meet up. Seeing all the awesome pics = me super Jelly!

Happy Monday!


  1. you were missed! it was insane. and thank you for adding your deliciousness to the goodie bags! p.s. your hair is sooooo long!!!

    1. Ahhhhhh summer Meet up I am crossing My fingures. Your welcome!!! Hope Everyone Liked them. P.S. I know rite? Thats that I got a trim that day! I want like 4-5" more then Im good


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