Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weekend wrap-up

Yes I know its Wednesday, almost the weekend again and I am talking about the weekend. I thought I posted this. aaa...well

There is always so much to tell.
Friday was Dinner date with the MF & then a cozy movie at home. I finally got to see The Help. I can see why the actresses are nominated. They did a great job!

Saturday was more eating! We drove out to Santa Paula for some sea food. The horchata was great. I am so pickie with that because of course my dad makes the best horchata!  Our food came out so super quick! My fish tacos where so super yummy!!!!! I swear I was total food coma after that!

Sunday was some not expected eating. MF woke me up to ask if I wanted to go to Boat house for brunch! I was up with a quickness! It is so super Gorgeous near the beach. The Food is good & there drinks look fancy.

We waited a bit but it was a super romantically pre Valentines date. I loved it!

* I say super a lot wow.


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