Thursday, October 25, 2012

Marathon Dad

As you may or may not know my dad runs marathons. For as long as I can remember he just runs. Mind you he is a Finish carpenter and his work is very physical, outside in the sun. So naturally to unwind he take a 7-8mile run. He is supernatural I know! One of his Goals as a runner was to run a Marathon. So after many years we signed him up for one in 2002. Now 3 LA Marathons, 4 Santa Barbara Marathons under his belt he set his eyes on a Different Marathon. A 1/2 Marathon, no big deal rite???!?!? Yeah all up hill in Our home town.  

This was the Description:

The Santa Barbara Pier to Peak. This is a half Marathon 13.1 miles starting at the Santa Barbara Pier and ending  at La Cumbre Peak. All up Hill! Often called "the world's toughest half marathon," this is a race that will test even the most experienced runners and demands plenty of high-elevation and hills training. 

After reading this I was worried. Dad had been working long hours,was stressed out & had not trained as much as he had liked.  
Marathon day came. I rolled out of bed, got dressed and we where off to followed the Marathon. Every Turn we took I was " where do they go from here, they cant run any higher"  the car would turn and you saw runners above you like lil ants. It was mind blowing.
On a side note: Another Mind blowing site was this rocker chick that was running with full done make up. I was amazed, how was it staying put??? and more importantly where can I get me some of that! 

Daddy finished the race with great time! and consider this people. We had to walk up this hill to meet him at the finish line my caves where aching!!!!! How can I feel sorry for myself when My dad just ran  up hill for 13.1 miles?!?!?!? Daddy you are truly amazing!

Down  by the water is where he started!
These girls had awesome signs!

Friday, September 21, 2012


Have you guys heard about the Space ship that is  riding piggyback on a modified Boeing 147?!?!?!? It was set to pass by Lompoc. So I was convinced that 
 1. It would pass By Santa Barbara & 2. That I would be able to see it!

Well people @ 11:34am today I DID!!!!

IT WAS AMAZING! I was the first to spot it fly by the palm trees. It was a super incredible to watch. The picture via Iphone dose not do it Justice but take my word for it.....amazing!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Birthday Photo Booth

My Niece had a big party for her 15th Birthday and as the awesome Tia that I am I offered to do a DIY photo booth for her. With ManFriend on board, I got the back drop (a piece of fabric her color in choice)  and props, we where good to go. Once the drinks where flowing too it even better!  I printed as many as I could on site but had to do some massive printing and online loading during the week, even mailed some to family. At the end of it all I was happy to do it for her, happy everyone enjoyed it and Happy that the MF was my tall Helper. 
Thanks BB

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Back to It

About a month ago I was totally into running, eating better  and trying so hard to be health. Zoom to present time. I have been eating like no other and I don't care what it is. If I want it, I eat it, sleeping lots & the thought of working out is the only thing I did, think about it. I knew I had to push myself to get back to it. I knew if I got back to running that everything else would fall into place. So yesterday I put my running shoes on and I was off. I did ok. I was huffing and Puffing the whole 2 miles I ran but hey its better then nothing. I'm off to feel healthy and feel more energized so here goes..... wish me luck!

Monday, July 23, 2012


The picture above is a picture of the items mess I had in my purse. 
It totally reminded me of how a mess I have been feeling latley.
  I organized it and threw a lot away I had caring around  ~ talking about the purse.
I feel a wee bit better. ~ about me feeling a mess
Hoping a nice run will help too!

Hope everyone had a great weekend

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Little Bits of Happiness 3

* Going to my first food Truck gathering
* Receiving the bracelet that my nephew made me with so much love
* Taking my niece and nephew to the movies
* Taking an afternoon run
* Having Breakfast out with my parents

* Spending 4th of July with My Family

Mrs Stephanie T

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

IMATS 2012

Items that I scored on

Over the weekend I went to the highly anticipated Makeup convention in Pasadena. Yes I said Makeup no I'm not a professional I just wear it on a daily and couldn't resist getting a deal on some makeup. I went with my BFF and her Soon to be Sis-in-Law Vero. We arrived early but there was already a line no biggie. We where soon checked in with wristbands and maps in hand . As we waited we made our game plan on what we would be hitting up first. Bobbi Brown counter it was. As soon as we got in we where the second ones at that counter and scored because we got the last of the duo concealer that we wanted. We then jetted over to the urban decay counter and they where sold out of naked palet 2 beyond sad. We then made our way over to the Benifit counter no foundation, no highlighter, no Pore-fetionals = the biggest disappointment of the day. We did however make use of the left over spending money and got items at NYX, OCC, Too Face, smashbox, stella, & more Bobbi brown (40% off ) as well as some brushes from coastal brushes & some nail art too. Over all we had a blast and got everything else that was on our Must Have list all before lunch time. We ended up sticking around for a airbrush raffle that we so desperately wanted that would have been the cherry on our day. Well we left with no cherry but we did have a nice lunch outside with a cocktail to end our day. On our way back talked about how tired we where how fun it was and what we need to get/ do for next year. The 2013 date I guess was moved up to January so I only have to wait 6 months. Let the Planing begin!